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Green-vent Solar Extraction Fan

The NEW 30W Solar Powered Attic Extraction Fan that works when you need it to, even at night!



  • High-Power 30Watt Solar Panel for greater performance in low light levels.
  • Better air exchange rate with high efficiency 38V DC motor.
  • Equipped with high performance light-weight fan blade.
  • Wider throat size (350mm).
  • Flashings to suit all roof types.
  • Perfect for Perth’s long sunlight hours

Green-vent Solar Environment Control System


The ECS is an automated system for running the fan when the environmental conditions demand it, such as excess temperatures or humidity. The ECS runs on the 12V power of the Solar Panel, so if there is no sun the ECS will not operate. Alternatively, you can plug the ECS into mains power using a transformer (included with the 30W GVS). The fan will then run on Solar Power when available, and on mains power if the environmental conditions demand it . When running on mains power the fan will run for 8 mins every half hour which is enough to provide adequate ventilation.

The settings of the ECS as as follows:

  • Temperature Control: Turns fan ON at 27°C & OFF at 25°C.
  • Humidity Control: Turns fan ON at 75%RH & OFF at 65%RH.

Benefits of using Green-vent Solar Attic Extraction Fan

  • Keep your house or office cooler in summer.
  • Reduce your mold and mildew in winter.
  • Extremely quiet operation.
  • Quick and easy installation – 30 minutes or less.
  • Reduce your energy costs – use less electricity to cool your house.
  • Fully adjustable solar panel – tilts and rotates.
  • Guaranteed performance – no wind required.
  • Environment Control System (ECS)included as standard with 30W GVS.
  • Takes full advantage of Perth’s high rate of sunshine hours.

Recommended minimum number of fans


* These size areas requiring ventilation may only require the use of 1 x 15W Green-vent Solar Attic Extraction Fan. Ask your Authorized Dealer for more information on this alternative model of GVS.