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Whirlybirds R Us – Perth experts in roof ventilation solutions

Handling Perth’s climate extremes

Edmonds WhirlybirdsOngoing issues of roof ventilation relating to Perths extreme climate conditions has led to many roof ventilation products entering the market place. Whirlybirds R Us uses the original Edmonds whirly bird that comes with the 10 year Edmonds guarantee.

Whirlybirds for Perth residential applications


A wind driven roof ventilator that combines both high tech features and classic design. Guaranteed long lasting performance and comes in big range of 26 colours.
Designed to exhaust heat & moisture from the roof space of a home. Constructed from light-weight aluminium, it has a classic design and comes with a 10 year warranty for long lasting comfort in your home.


A highly efficient polycarbonate roof vent whirlybird, that operates well in light wind conditions. 16 colours are available.This is premium wind driven turbine ventilator designed to exhaust heat from the roof space of a home.Attractively designed to work in with any house design. This whirlybird operates well in light breezes, which means the heat in your roof space will be exhausted even on relatively still hot summer days. Unlike traditional metal roof vents, SupaVents are constructed from a durable UV stabilised polymer which means they won’t rust or corrode and come with a 15 year Warranty.

Green-vent Solar

green-vent-panel-swivelThe Green-Vent Solar Attic Extraction Fan is an attic ventilation systems installed into both commercial and residential roofing to remove the trapped heat between the ceiling and the roof. The temperature inside your roof/attic space can reach temperatures up to 70°C (170°F) during the summer months which creates a heat load on ceiling insulation and air conditioning duct work. Green-Vent Solar utilizes the alternative energy source from the sun which then costs you nothing to quietly exhaust the hot air and help reduce the cooling costs of your building and improves ventilation.



A wind driven turbine ventilator. This whirlybird is ideal for ventilating small areas to extract moisture laden air.
Ideal for removing heat and moisture from small roof spaces or sheds.

Features and Benefits of TurboVentura whirlybird

– Constructed from a UV stable, hail resilient engineering polymer with a vertical vane design
– Adjustable throat applicable to most roof types up to 45°. Malleable base.
– Currently available in Black only.

Green-vent under eave vent

under-eave-ventDramatically improve the efficiency and performance of your Roof Ventilation Products by installing inlet vents.  Under Eave Vents are for use as inlet vents in suitable residential applications. Under Eave Vents allow fresher and cooler air to enter the roof/attic space. This replaces the hot and stale air exiting your roof through your roof ventilator.

Manufactured from Pre-painted White Aluminium, the under eave vent is designed to withstand the harshest of Perth’s weather conditions.


Vents & whirlybirds for commercial applications

Hurricane Turbine Ventilator

hurricane-turbine-ventilatorThe Australian designed and manufactured Hurricane™ Turbine Ventilator is recognised world wide as the leader in wind-driven ventilator technology.

For your peace of mind, all products have a 15 year warranty. Hurricane™ ventilators have been performance tested to Australian Standard 4740 (Performance of Natural Ventilators) to determine flow rate capacities.

They have also been wind load tested to 195km/h and tested for rain penetration to Australian Standard 2428.1.


  • Special Bases
  • Manual and Electric Dampers
  • Ceiling Grilles

Features and Benefits

  • commercial / industrial applications
  • Light weight, corrosion resistant marine grade equivalent aluminium
  • Extensive range of products
  • H300 & 400 BFR available for use in Category 1 Bush Fire Zones
  • High corrosion resistance version option
  • Smoke release version available
  • Tested to Australian Standards
  • Matching accessories available
  • Manual and Electric dampers
  • 15 year warranty